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Monday, November 7, 2011

Disney on Ice & Spider Cookies

Last Wednesday we took both kids to see Disney on Ice. This is Carter's first time to go to something like this and he was scared to death when the characters came out. It was actually really sweet because I got some much needed cuddling time with him! Bless his heart, we've left him in town while we've gone to the beach, Minnesota, ball games, ttown, Auburn, circus, & movies so he really doesn't have much exposure to this kind of stuff. Maci Rose has gone with us to all these events even as a little baby, but keeping up with 2 is so much harder than 1 and we always have family who is willing and wanting to watch him.

 Cuddling with my buddy!

 These starfish in The Little Mermaid act were my favorite outfits!

 You can tell she enjoyed her snow cone with those purple lips!
 Yes, that's Carter underneath all those blankets trying to get out of the stroller, of course!
 Jeremy bought Maci Rose a little sword thing that sings and lights up so we heard the kids fighting over it the whole car ride home. We are past the days where we could get by with just buying for 1 child now! Between tickets, snow cones, popcorn, & souveniers you can easily drop $100 at these kind of things! It's outrageous!
 And you can see why we tend to leave Carter at home, because he will only sit still for .5 seconds at a time!


I originally saw these cookies in the newspaper a few weeks before Halloween and wanted to make them.
I made them for Maci Rose's Halloween party at school, but I still figured I'd share them with you because they are so easy to make and fun entertainment for the kids. We actually just made some the other day for an afternoon snack since it was raining & we were stuck inside. It is the perfect sweet and salty mix. All it is is an oreo cookie with pretzels and you can either use icing or some type of small candy for the eyes. We used some leftover Easter candy we had. I also used a little extra white icing to help the pretzels stick inside the oreo. Here's a close up!

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