Jeremy~Bonnie~Maci Rose ~ & ~ Carter

Monday, October 25, 2010

Catching Up

Well it's been a while, but I'm back! I really don't have much to say except that it has been hard to find more than 15 free consecutive minutes in my life lately. I'm very excited about this weekend and trick-or-treating and going to a Halloween party and I hope to have some cute pics and good blog posts soon.

School has been extremely busy for me these past few weeks, but here's a short recap of what's been going on around here. Jeremy bought Maci Rose a trampoline (for no reason) and after having it for less than 72 hours she hurt her knee and we had to go to the dr. and get it looked at. So for now she can not get on it unless she is by herself. However, she has found other entertaining ways to play with it (see below).

Carter has been teething terribly bad and is sooooo fussy (which contributes to my "no time" factor). He hasn't been sleeping very well and is biting on EVERYTHING!

We took a trip down to the Auburn/LSU game this past weekend and had fun hanging out with family and friends.

Maci Rose had her very first dentist appointment and absolutely LOVED it! It is near her school and every time we go past it she begs to go back to the dentist.

We've been playing around with our Halloween costumes on a daily basis and Jeremy and Maci Rose carved and painted pumpkins last week, which I have absolutely no pictures of! I was doing school work while he was entertaining the children. I hate I missed pictures of it though.

I'll leave you with some recent pictures that I've taken.

Those teeth hurt so bad..look at those watery eyes...poor baby!
 If you look closely, Carter is belly laughing. He thinks the trampoline is so funny. We have it on video.

 She mows underneath it
 And puts her stuffed animals underneath it like a hideout

Thursday, October 7, 2010

We have a sitter!!

Look who's sitting up all by himself!!

Ok it's not perfect yet, but he can hold himself up for about 3-4 minutes. He doesn't fall backwards like Maci Rose used to. He will either fall over to the side or front. And most of his sitting is in his arms. He holds his head up and uses his arms to hold himself up in the front. That counts right??

(p.s. The boppy pillow really is not doing anything. I promise he's doing it by himself. The only reason I put it there is because I was snapping pics and the last thing I need is for Carter to fall off the bed just so I can do a blog post! that would definitely win me the "mother of the year" award!!!)

Monday, October 4, 2010

4 months

Carter had his 4 month appointment today. He is 16.2 pounds and 26 inches long, which puts him in the 75% for both. He's my big boy! (you can see how big he is compared to Maci Rose in this pic).
He is FULL of personality these days. Talking up a storm. He has a really loud squeal/scream he does all the time! He wants to do everything he sees his sister do already. I just wish he would hurry and sit up because I'm getting tired of having to find ways to entertain him.
(his jumpy thing)
(hiding under Maci Rose's tent)
(and even "licking" on a goldfish)

He has been his daddy's best friend lately. He loves when Jeremy comes home and he always gives him a huge grin and starts trying to talk to him. Jeremy actually walks in the door and goes straight to get him a lot of times just for the reaction.

He is moving around like crazy!! He is rolling from his stomach to his back and if he is on any type of slant or propped up he can move into a completely different position. Also, we place his head at one side of his crib and come in there in the middle of the night and he is completely sideways.

Besides that, he is usually just hanging around sucking and knawing on his hands and being my bundle of joy. I love you Carter man!

And he's still NOT SLEEPING through the night or even close to it! I've got my first test of the semester tomorrow so I'm off to study all night. Happy 4 months little man!