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Monday, May 7, 2012

Easter 2012

This year we carried on our family tradition of dying & hunting Easter eggs with my mom's side of the family. Both of my kids could participate this year and really enjoyed it more than they have in the past. Carter thought the eggs were for eating and he tried to drink all the colorful dye quite a few times, but he quickly realized it didn't taste good and copied everyone else.

On Saturday night while the kids were in the bathtub, Easter bunny paid them a visit! Carter was so excited he jumped out of the tub and had no clothes on for most of these pictures and I was afraid of missing out on pictures while MR went through her new toys so I'll show what I can.

 Their new umbrella's were probably the biggest hit. MR had one that they faught over so much it broke, so I'm glad they each have their own now.

 This new white headband in the picture below is MR's new best friend. I usually have to wet her hair every morning and brush through all those curls/knots. And let me tell you, she just might be the most tender-headed person ever! So when she got that new headband she said, "Look mom, you don't have to brush my hair ever again. I can just put this headband on." Good try sweetie, but that's not what that was intended for! As a matter of fact, Easter morning when she woke up she put it on before she even came down for breakfast and told me that her hair was already done and there was no need for me to brush it.

Easter morning, Jeremy got up and went to Sunrise Service with his parents at the cemetary where his brother was burried. (For those of you who don't know, Jeremy lost his brother, age 23, in a car wreck. Jeremy was 19 at the time.)

The kids and I met up with Jeremy's family and had breakfast afterwards.We went to Easter mass at 10:30 and then went to Aunt Mary's & ate lunch with my dad's side of the family. The kids had another easter egg hunt with their cousins there as well and we tried to get a few family pictures before we changed clothes.

 You can't really tell from these pictures but the kids had on matching smocked bunny outfits.

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