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Friday, January 27, 2012

NOLA #14

A few weeks ago my whole family went to NOLA for the National Championship game. It was honestly the 2nd best trip I've ever been on besides my honeymoon. Boredom was the last thing I can say happened, there is so much to do there. Constant entertainment! And the great part about it was that we could sleep as long/short as we wanted and then get up and go do whatever. No itineraries, schedules, or specific times to be somewhere (besides the game, of course).

Here is the fortune teller/palm reader we went to. He was pretty good & knew we had 2 children 1 girl, 1 boy but then he said I was 5-10 days preggo with my 3rd and we about paniced. Thankfully, he was wrong on that!!
 More street entertainers...

 Eating lunch at Turtle Bay. We ate here twice in one day it was so good.
 The whole family all in one place at one time, doesn't happen very often these days.
 Kinda creepy, not sure what this guy was?

 We met up with all of our next door neighbors later on for a fun night.
 This is the stage of the bar we stayed at pretty much the entire time. It was called The Beach and it was seriously like a University of Alabama Alumni party in there. We saw so many people we knew!
 Jeremy pulled out the camera right away and so I smiled. I was confused about why he was dying laughing until I looked back at what was behind me. Whoops!
Game day!! Hanging out at the Super Dome Allstate Party!
 So much fun....I can hardly stand looking at these pictures without dying to go back.
 Aimee, me, Uncle Barry, Aunt Dory, and Aunt Di.

 Alabama fans were way outnumbered at the Dome. Look at all the purple & yellow.

 It was seriously almost a joke at how outnumbered we were.
 Taco Bell had a table where you could walk up and get free tacos and you could go back as many times as you wanted. Such a great thing on a day like that. It saved many people from drinking too much.

 The Coach's trophee
 Love this with the Super Dome behind us

 The LSU version of Hugh Hefner (he asked to take a picture with us, we didn't volunteer)
 Hightower's sister and family.

And this was the last picture before everyone headed into the game.

And to top this trip off, my Alma Mater won yet another National Championship!!! # 14!! I couldn't believe it and seriously didn't even start celebrating until about 4 minutes left to go in the game. Even though the score didn't seem close it was still so nerve wracking the entire time.

ROLL TIDE!!! And Congratulations Bama!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blogger Help


I know I always say I would blog more "if I could get more time or if I weren't so busy, etc" but the truth is that when I do actually get a little time to do a post it seems to take me FOR-EV-ER to finish just ONE post. There has got to be a more updated blogger program or something??

For example, Facebook will allow you to click on a folder of pictures and hold the control key down and select as many pictures as you'd like all at one time. Whereas, blogger makes me go into a folder and select pictures ONLY one at a time. I'm telling you it takes forever to do that.

And when I do actually get all my pictures uploaded to blogger, it will not let me organize them the way I want to most of the time. I have to upload them in the order I want to post them or else there is no way to move them around or do 2-3 pictures side by side.

Also, is there any way to post a video on blogger besides having to download it to youtube first?

I know I say this  a lot, but I really do want to try to blog more. We have lots of fun and exciting stuff going on around here and I'm doing really well at taking more pictures/videos so far this year but they are all just sitting in folders on my computer because it takes so long to upload them to blogger.

 I NEED HELP! or advice or whatever can make my blogging experience more successful.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Eve's Eve, Eve, & Day

Christmas Eve's Eve (Friday night), we went to my inlaws to do Christmas. We had another appearance from Santa Claus (my brother in-law) and as always my kids wracked up sooo many presents I questioned whether Santa even needed to visit them.
Carter was scared again of course..
Since the family is getting so big, we all drew names this year. It was a lot of fun. Thanks Nana & Papa for having us and for all of our wonderful presents!
Carter was being his crazy silly self the whole way home which was waaaay past his bedtime.
Playing peek-a-boo.
Christmas Eve always starts off with church and then we all head to my grandmothers house to eat, exchange presents, and play a really fun game of dirty santa. The past few years we've left my grandmothers around 9:30 and gone to my Aunt's house (which is next door) to play games all night. It sure makes for a lot of laughter and a late Christmas Eve!

 Carter with my cousin's little boy (and my godchild) Landen.
 And these next few are sadly the only pictures I got of my children in their Christmas outfits.

And then we all changed clothes & opened presents!
 The kids get so many presents that we make them pick one to play with and we open all the other ones in the morning so we don't lose all the parts before we even get home. Maci Rose chose her new horse barn.
Aunt Aimee, who many say she looks like.
 And then came the photo shoot, trying to get all the grandkids in one place at one time and all looking at the camera and smiling. Even though we try every year it's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!
 That's my 75 year old grandmother in the front!

And then we did our imediate family. this one! Matt is in mid-sneeze.

 All 3 kids + Jeremy.
So much fun! It's the one night I look forward to every year.

Christmas Day

We went to Aunt Mary's house to eat and open even more presents with my cousins on my dad's side of the family!
I know it's almost a month later but I hope everyone had a very blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. I know we did!